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Finally updates on the Zuda thing, yeah?
Right now I'm at second ranking at [link]
So, I know that many have already helped me, and I really really thank you if you have done so, but if you are a person who hasn't voted yet, you still have time to fix that mistake!

It's so easy to vote! All you need is to sign up an account, confirm it on your e-mail, and then vote for the comic of your preference (read: ROCKSTAR, hehe).

If you have the time, you can also favourite and give it 5 stars too!

Winning this competition is EXTREMELY important to me, and all of you also get advantages too, of having a super duper nice comic to read weekly! And since I would get paid for doing them, the comic quality would be EVEN BETTER, so it's a too good deal!

Have voted and wants to help even more? SWEET!
You can post a journal on this, you can tell a comic-lover friend!
Heck, yo ucan even tell your parents, or people who have nothing to do with it!

We CAN win this battle. It's the first time I've bugged you with something, and I swear it's just this month!
If we can win, I'll be the happiest person alive, and eternally in debt with all of you!


C'mon! Let's break them, let's trash them,
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll!

On side news, the contest is going wonderfully! I'll be updating that journal in a few minutes!
We already have over 20 entries, which mean at least 2 extra drawings for prizes!

Thank you, and I hope you enter this Rock n' Roll train to save the comic world!

I'm retarded, btw, and I have a contest going on for around a week already! (hadn't posted earlier because most of my followers here are also at any other sites I go to)

Create-a-Villain Contest!

It's a very cool contest, and it's very simple!
You have to create a what would be RockStar (
[link] ) villain!

The rules for it are simple:
-Design an
original villain (by original I mean that it must be your own thing, not a naruto world ninja, and etc, just to make clear).
-You can enter the contest as
many time as you wish, if each entry is different, of course!
-A single entry can also be a couple (for example EVIL TWINS) a team, (Like Psycho Rangers, for example) and so on!

So I guess the rules are pretty free!

-The TOP ONE winner will have
their own villain make in the RockStar comic! (if the comic itself wins, of course)
-For each 10 entries, there will be a
free completely finished (like this poster) drawing, so if 30 people sign up, 3 prizes!

-You can send your entry in any of the following:
DEVIANTART SUBMISSIONS then notes, private messages on zuda site, emails (cervellesantos@gmail.com)
-How many entries as you want! At any time!
-You can enter concept art, ref sheets, texts, anything! You can also enter both art and text if you want, like brief explanations of his story and powers maybe?
-Entries accepted until
July 31th!

To finish the post, I've just done with a new pinupish of DragonNova, the villain shown in the entry!

Do it folks!

Help me win this this!

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