domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

Rock hard, ride free!

Good sunday morning!
Lots of stuff to post, but not as much as I wish to!

First off, some hyping for RockStar!
It was supposed to have debuted last friday, but I had some little problems, and hopefully you'll be seeing it THIS friday!

Have a look at inks of the cover I made
I'll post the final cover once RockStar pages are up!

This one is an illustration I made for december's issue of Editora Abril's Mundo Estranho magazine. I haven't checked the mag yet, but I think it's this month haha. It's a one and a half page!
It's about the differences between achordeons and bandoneons.I thought neon colors would fit just right! haha

Below, a sneakpeak on the latest cover I've done for the Kill-Audio comicbook!
This is my fourth one, and the final result is one of my favourites. You'll check that once issue 4 is out!

And below, the final version of Kill-Audio #3 alternate cover:

More Marvel-ish, but very fun to do! You can find the copies with this cover at Hot Topic stores!
Check out for more info regarding the comic as well!

That's it for now, I'll be returning as soon as I have precise info on RockStar's debut!

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