quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

More RockStar

Time for the weekly update!
Been taking easy with them during vacations.
Yesterday it was RockStar update day! Check it out already?

I made a promo pic for it to go along as well
It's an old character, Pothole, the asphalt swimming, demon possessed shark. In RockStar he's mentioned as a movie, so I made this poster.

Towards the end of the creative process, I thought about inverting the pic and I liked it, though I ended up using the original anyway.

The pic below is a jam I did for my pals Jongbom and Corny's comic Fuse!
You can check more info on the comic and jam in here: http://fusecomic.deviantart.com
That's it for this week. Ill be travelling for the weekend, so take care!

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