quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2010

Freelancin' sketchdumpin'

Hi there! How's it going?
First off, here's the BW and the color version of a illo I have out this month on Mundo Estranho magazine:

Inks. And after some coloring, and refining, you get this:

Unfortunately the moon didn't get to stay, but it was all in the name of a better reading!

I've been working too on my conclusion project. Some of the stuff aren't yet ready, but I'll show asap!
I've coded a beta for Pun Kroc, he has no moves yet, and possibly none till it's all done, but it will be a fine punching bag!

And now for some good ol' sketchings, some stuff that has been laying around my sketchbook for a while already...

Sigismond and Drum Jones, in their 70s look. (older)

Some of that boy I colored with 4 different colors last time around.

Now for some super heroing.. I only do those during comic classes. The ones with Superman and She-Spawn were done using references they gave at class.
Also, I think Deadpool vs Cable, in the Wild West is something I'd like to see.

That's it for now! Take care!

2 comentários:

  1. I'm starting to think I really like your figures and characters when they're just in pencil, as compared to when they're inked and colored.

    There's just something about them that makes them look more lively, and have more personality

  2. Thanks, yeah, I think I lose a good deal of expessiviness trying to make my inks more solid, I've been wanting to eliminate lineweights completely from the inks for a test.. might try it sometime.