sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010


Hey there! It's october already!
And guess what? Tomorrow is 24hour Comic day! Are you doing it? I know I am!

I bought some Winsor series 7 brushes, sizes 0, 00 and 000.. which are still too thick? Or my hand is too heavy. One way or another. Here's a first test.

And a second one. Thought I'd try something bigger.

Accidently did some older quirks I had with a kind ink hatching. I got to like this one enough to color it.

I attempted to color it simpler. 4 colors, and also something i really like but never use, which is halftoning.

Remember the comic classes I'm taking? I tried a jab at coloring a classmate's lineart. Edson is pretty cool, not exactly my type of lines, but super strong work!

Coloring in CMYK is tricky though. I might be getting color lazy. Need to color more!

Now back on my graduation project.
I got a title for it, CrossRoads. The logo isnt all that exciting, but I'm confortable with it. It had originally drawn letters, but they were also illegible, so I resorted to fonts, and fuck with it. It's not like I can spend a long time playing around anyway, I just want to be done with my graduation project, and work on actual important stuff, such as the RockStar reboot!

Some pixelart comes next!

The cast.

Pun Kroc's basic frames. Gonna code him as a punching bag this weekend.

And if you wondered who's the last two in the pixelarts, here's the last 2 designs:

B.D. Best! Based on BB King and Elvis. The essense!

He gets pissed and moon-huge-sized.

The color versions:

That's it for now. Next time, with more sketches too!

2 comentários:

  1. caraca, muito bom os sprites, e toda arte de personagem como sempre.

    e que alias estou treinando mais lines, pinturas com lines, pois ia nas cores direto ehehe

  2. Valeu!
    Eu acho bastante importante ter um traço por baixo de pinturas, pelo menos pra efeito maximo da técnica. Seu traço e pintura são fodas, se vc combinar eles, vai ficar DUCA.