quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

RockStar and SDCC

Hello, friends!
Been a long time, uh? So much that a lot of things changed from then, such things as me being axed from Zuda, haha : (
So I still plan on posting a few pages here, but I'm still waiting on seeing about RockStars destiny.
For now, I leave you some design sheets!

SicKomet and Horoscape. Two Gallaverse characters.

Below are two illo assignments I had.

Some brazillian soccer team mascots.

Bizarre phenomena across the world.

And lastly, a pitch I cooked for SDCC.
Originally before I got axed, the plan was to constantly draw RockStar pages to Zuda, so that the weekly posting didn't stop, but after July 1st, when they cut me, I started working on a new pitch to show around at San Diego. Unfortunately since I'm going this weekend, I won't have time to color them all with enough time to print, so I'm bringing those black and white pages. Let's see what happens!

I hope you dig!