sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

Back on the saddle!

Happy new years!
How's everything? I just got back from some much needed vacations last sunday, and am ready for more! Are you too?

Here's a spread page I made for Mundo Estranho's Retrato Falado (¨mugshot¨) subject I draw for monthly, this time about Bonnie and Clyde.

Like last month's, I tried doing some paintings again. Trying to maintain my style while approaching new finishing techniques. Also broadening the amount of stuff I can do, for a change.

Here's some rough pencils I made before starting the renders and etc. Next time i paint I want to use a fully finished lineart though! I believe the strongest the lienart is, the better will be the final result.

Below is a kind of quickie I did for EnterVoid's secret santa. An opportunity to do some washes..

And then easily slap some colors on it.

Now, below, since Robert Burke Richardson (from Zuda's Absolute Magnitude) posted it on facebook, I guess it's fine to share here, a pitch me (as artist) and him (as writer) are submitting soon, Dead as Disco. Below are page 1 and 3, and later, their colroed counterparts.

Now, to finish the session, have some sketches I did during the vacations!

Bye for now!