sexta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2010

The X-Mas Update!

Merry X-Mas and happy holidays!

How's things going?
I've been a bit busy, like every december, I guess. I can't show everything I've been doing yet, but here are some treats!

The remaining pages from my Pirat submission. They are already lettered and stuffs. I'll make a post with the lettered ones when the book is out, since it will be in polish, you can check the ¨subtitles¨ here hehe.

Here are some sketches for a comic submission I'm working with Robert Burke, from Zuda's Absolute Magnitude.

Can't enter in detials yet, but the submission is already drawn, and hopefully colored soon!

And lastly, a pinup for Ralph Niese and Matt Doughty called Gendrone Chronicles: Tales of Argen!
You can read it here:


Colors. Pretty fun stuff!

That's it for now. I'll be on vacation from 29th to January 9th, so take care!.. And god rest ye merry gentlemen!

terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Ultimate Update

Why, hello there! Totally broke my biweekly updatage rate, yeah?
Been reeeeally busy taking care of my graduation project but it's FINALLY DONE!
Presented it november 24th and had the party already on the same week on 27th haha.

Now that I can finally work on my personal projects, so I'm doing that.
First and foremost, a comic for the yearly polish anthology I contribute to Pirat, now on the third installment. It's a children story, contrary to the almost pornographic one I had last time around.
Still laying grays on them, but should be done in the next few days or so.


The style is like a half breed of disney comics and dragon ball. Or that's just me who sees it that way haha.
Here are some gray versions I cooked up:

Below is the final logo for my project. It's basiclaly identical to the cover of it too. I was a retarded and forgot to take pictures of the book itself before handing them to the orientors. It's a 62 pager thing, all thick and well printed. Probably on a january update?

It was drawn with a brush, and colored in PS as per usual.

Below are some revisiting on old characters. I won't get into their stories because they are kind of bland, but I liked the final result. Tried using only brushes and washes on them for a change of pace.

Randy, the lost king.

Football Ninja, the one-orc-army bandit.

Hoodie Knight. It's actually a chick below all that cloth and steel, but people can't tell due to the metallic voice.

Communist Rollerbabe. She was the theme of my 2009's 24 Hour comic. (read here: I'm not sure the images in here stil lwork though.. I had compiled it whe nI posted on deviantart back then).

Each yeah, for a close relative's birthday, such as my parents or grandmothers, I present them with a portrait. Now, last october, my brother, the last in line got his, and my parents DEMANDED me to make one myself, since my birthday was closing in on November 14th (Yup, I'm 24 years old now), so I did it!

Lineart. Half breed here. Unipins for lines in general, but brush for the hair, I think it looks very natural like this.

Color version. I like trying to take my cellshades to extremes and represent the most amount of stuff with the same base technique. I'm really glad to achieve some sort of realism with it here. And YES, my face is reeeally oily- I mean, shiny.

And for last, but not least, some more illo works I've done monthly for Mundo Estranho magazine:
Richard Chase, the vampire of Sacramento

Drawn with pencils. This section allows me for experimenting, so each month I've been betting on a different technique.

Colors now. Softened cellshades.
Nannie Doss, the grinning granny.

This was reeeally interesting, for it being the first fully digital piece I've done in ages, since I bought my tablet. I found interesting mostly because I actually liked the result, contrary to my early attempts.

Keept tuned, I'm hoping for a last update still before 2011 knocks on my door!

sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

Trick or Treat!

It's halloween time! Which means about nothing in Brazil, but I really like the theme in it.
I made my special thing for this ocasion for a first timer. I wanna start a sort of holiday card series.

It's the basic zsa thing ¨add skulls and roses to everything¨ but I really liked the final thing. I didn't want to draw anyone dressed up, though a RockStar costume came to mind.
It's also a rather small piece of drawing, from my sketchbook, not the usual 11x17 page and what not.

The colored and lettered part. Sending some out, so I included the blog's link. I like my actual website more, but the blog is MUCH more up to date.

Here below be some tests I've done for Quanta Estudio, the place I take comic classes at. It's part of a selective process. Still waiting back on word.

They are based on a Machado de Assis (brazillian writer) short story ¨Entre Santos¨. It's about this priest who found his capel's saints talking amongst themselves after a long day, and they mock the prayers they've received.

Colored version. I inked those strongly having the colors in mind, so you can see how the inks arent as extreme as the usual.

Here be some reference sheets for a character contest, for Editora Abril. I'm a bit pissed off about this one though. I kind of rushed through my conclusion project, illustration works to get this done, which I did in the LAST day, only to found out the deadline was extended to mid-December, where I wouldn't have needed to rush, and would have gotten a much better result, perhaps. Oh well. Let's see how it goes.

The ink work for the main characters.

Below are the color versions. The second one is final, with a more defined color pick.

That's it. Probably taking some time for the next update seeing as I have a fuckton of stuff to get ready for my conclusion project. It will be a rather happy post haha.

Excuse me while I get back to writing!!

quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2010

Freelancin' sketchdumpin'

Hi there! How's it going?
First off, here's the BW and the color version of a illo I have out this month on Mundo Estranho magazine:

Inks. And after some coloring, and refining, you get this:

Unfortunately the moon didn't get to stay, but it was all in the name of a better reading!

I've been working too on my conclusion project. Some of the stuff aren't yet ready, but I'll show asap!
I've coded a beta for Pun Kroc, he has no moves yet, and possibly none till it's all done, but it will be a fine punching bag!

And now for some good ol' sketchings, some stuff that has been laying around my sketchbook for a while already...

Sigismond and Drum Jones, in their 70s look. (older)

Some of that boy I colored with 4 different colors last time around.

Now for some super heroing.. I only do those during comic classes. The ones with Superman and She-Spawn were done using references they gave at class.
Also, I think Deadpool vs Cable, in the Wild West is something I'd like to see.

That's it for now! Take care!